St. Andrew’s Ambulance Association Australia was established under Scottish Charter on 5 April 1976 by the Director General St. Andrew’s Ambulance Association, Dr Daniel Strachan, OBE.
Under the patronage of legendary WWII Surgeon, Lieutenant Colonel Sir Ernest Edward ‘Weary’ Dunlop, AC, CMG, OBE, the first Australian Director was Major
General Sir Denzil MacArthur-Onzlow, CBE, DSO, ED, with Vietnam War Doctor, Group Captain William Land, AM, RFD, AE, appointed Surgeon-in-Chief.St Andrew's Assisting Celtic Festival

The first Companies were formed at: RAAMC Military Hospital Healesville, Victoria, and St. Kilda Private Hospital, Victoria. On 2 September 1980 these units merged with the Ballarat East Company established at Begonia Hospital, Victoria.

Over the years the organization grew steadily, and members served in many countries including: Armenia, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Chechnya, El Salvador, Iraq, Lebanon, and Rwanda, assisting a wide variety of Non-Government Organizations. This activity is now coordinated out of Scotland.

On 1 January 2012, Charity Status was granted and St. Andrew’s First Aid Australia Inc. became a Public Benevolent Institution.

In 2006 we rebranded ourselves as St. Andrew’s First Aid Australia Inc. We now undertake public duties at Highland Games, RSL marches, The Aboriginal Literacy Foundation Camps, to name a few. In 2016 we also began in partnership with Australian First Aid, offering training courses in First Aid.

Our Aim

  1. to identify people in poverty, and/or ‘at risk,’ providing first aid assistance and support aimed at relieving poverty, and other risk factors in their lives;
  2. to find suitable and appropriate trained first aid volunteers to assist in our services;
  3. to provide welfare and poverty relief through our first aid services and assistance;
  4. to provide culturally relevant programs and services.

Our Mission

We believe people trapped in poverty should always have access to free or low cost first aid assistance.

We recognize the importance of providing free first aid and first aid education to vulnerable people, and people with limited financial means.

We assert the provision of free first aid services and assistance is provided in a culturally sensitive manner, and is offered by us at the same time as relieving poverty and improving their health and wellbeing.

We are committed to supporting and providing practical assistance through the provision of first aid services and assistance to people of limited means.