About Us

St. Andrew’s First Aid Australia is an incorporated charity who offer low cost or free first aid training and event management. We are predominately drawn from members of a service background but not a prerequisite for membership.

We are currently operating in Victoria.

All our members are volunteers and obtain no salary for their duties.

We hold ourselves out as the Australian Affiliate of St. Andrew’s First Aid Scotland.

Our Values

We believe people should always have access to free or low cost first aid assistance.

We recognize the importance of providing free first aid and first aid education to vulnerable people, and people with limited financial means.

We assert the provision of free first aid services and assistance is provided in a culturally sensitive manner, and is offered by us at the same time as relieving poverty and improving their health and wellbeing.

We are committed to supporting and providing practical assistance through the provision of first aid services and assistance to people of limited means.

Aims and Purposes

St. Andrew’s First Aid Australia Inc. shall aim:

  1. to providing first aid assistance and support aimed at relieving poverty, and other risk factors in their lives;
  2. to find suitable and appropriate trained first aid volunteers to assist in our services;
  3. to provide in times of emergency or natural disaster physical assistance to persons through search or rescue and the provision of first aid services to all affected;
  4. to provide welfare and poverty relief through our first aid services and assistance; and
  5. to provide culturally relevant programs and services.